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Is your data safe?

Your company might protect from external threats, but internal threats can be even more prevalent...


Almost two-thirds of data breaches come from internal sources. Whether it is from lack of control, errors, or fraud, the biggest threat to your company's data is from within. 1

$143 Billion Dollars

That number should get your attention, it's how much was lost in 2013 due to data theft.
Here is how...


Records were exposed due to data theft and internal attacks in 2013. 1


The average cost of a data breach per compromised record. 2

49 to 80 days

The amount of time it usually takes to discover a breach occurred. 2

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Everyday Mistakes

Once an employee has access to sensitive documents and data, they have a variety of ways to insecurely transfer (and expose) it.


Use a remote storage device (USB, Phone) to transfer. 3


Use a personal email to transfer. 3


Use a consumer sites (Dropbox, Box, Hightail, etc.) to transfer. 3

Stolen Documents

Exiting and former employees pose a great risk to data being taken from your company.


Stole non-financial business documents and information. 4


Stole customer documents and information. 4


Stole financial company documents and information. 4

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Do You Know Your Employees?

Take a look around you and take into account these percentages...


Of organizations have experienced a data breach as a result of negligent or malicious employees or other insiders. 5


Of employees agree that it would be easy to take sensitive business documents to another employer. 6



Of employees who quit a job or are asked to leave have stolen company data. 4


Of all cases of data loss bigger than 1,000 confidential customer records, the root cause was a negligent or careless employee. 7

IT Perspective

There are certain practices and technologies companies and IT managers try to put in place to help deter any data security incidents...but it doesn't always happen.


of companies believe they have already been compromised; with another 5% saying they operate under the assumption that, if they have not already, will eventually be. 8


of IT departments say their company does NOT have meaningful operational metrics to measure and respond to data and security incidents. 9


of IT departments believe that IF the right investments in technology were in place their companies would be better able to mitigate future internal security breaches. 9


Four out of five IT professionals agree that audit trails and analysis software is the most effective approach for detecting security incidents and breaches. 9

A Solution for Your Network

Introducing the SmartFile File Sharing and Network Management Appliance. This on-premise server can help keep records, alert you, and add more security to your company files.

Audit Activity

Any files that are shared, sent, added, deleted to your network drives or web portal will be able to be tracked.

Email Notifications

Set notifications on files, folders, and users to get instant updates on activities and actions taken.


User Permissions

Complex user permissions and access rights only allow for certain access based on specified roles.

Added Security

Not only is the appliance behind your network firewall but there is also built in firewalls inside the appliance.

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